Detroit, Michigan

Played with my application for employment schools kept coming into application and also career builder. I submitted a resume with career builders thinking I was applying on line to rent a center.

Can you direct me to rent a center's application online with posted resume.

I was told by store manager that you could apply online hope to visit your website for the purpose of applying for a job.phoenix school interferred in process also bright. I thought I was trying to gain a job instead I got all kinds of promotional businesss for a sale of view free resume.

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This just confirms what I thought. I wasted my time and my money and got a lot of headaches having to tell telemarkers that "NO, I did NOT request information from your online degree information! I was just looking for a job!"


I paid for distribution service on Careerbuilder. A day later I asked for proof of who they sent my resume to and they said I would have to pay again...another $80.00.

What a scam! They told me they could not get info as a third party had the info.

Wake up people they are all out scamming you for money! Careebuilders are liars

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